Chronology of Main Events

(between July 2008 and February 2009)


1 July 2008

France takes over the EU-presidency.


7-8 July 2008

At the G8 summit in Toyako-cho the heads of state and government agree on a 50 percent reduction of CO2 emission until 2050.


13 July 2008


The EU in 2009 – a reassuring outlook even in times of crisis?
Tanja Leppik-Bork, Christina Minniberger and Julian Plottka
In the second half of 2008 the European Union has been faced by many crises: the ‘ratification’ crisis, the ‘Georgian’ crisis, and last but by no means least, the financial and economic crisis. These crises touch the institutional architecture and the future shape of the EU, its neighbourhood and external relations, and the financial and economic policies within the EU. During these ‘hard’ times, one of the founding members of the EU was holding the presidency of the EU – and some say luckily so.
In this last issue of EU-27 Watch within the lifetime of EU-CONSENT, all those issues are dealt with and a prospect for 2009 is given, a year that might well be a year of opportunities but also of uncertainties:

EU-27 WATCH No. 8

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Topics discussed in EU-27 Watch, No. 8 / March 2009

  • The future of the EU after the Irish ‘No’

  • The priorities for the transatlantic relations after President Bush

  • The EU response to the financial crisis and the challenges of global governance

  • The evaluation of the French Presidency and expectations for the Czech Presidency

  • Prospects for ENP and enlargement after ‘Georgia’

  • Other current issues of high salience in the member states

This survey was conducted on the basis of a questionnaire that has been elaborated in November 2008 by all participating institutes. Most of the country reports were delivered in February 2009.

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