Illegal immigration and spring hunting

Stephen Calleya
The issue of illegal immigration remains a priority issue with the government of Malta now officially deciding to withdraw from participating in Frontex Operations in the Mediterranean. The government officially declared that this decision was taken due to the decreasing number of illegal migrants arriving in the course of last year. But this decision coincides with the EU’s announcement that all migrants rescued by Frontex operations will now be taken to the country conducting the rescue operation prompting everyone to believe that Malta’s decision to withdraw was taken due to this new provision.
Another major issue dominating politics in Malta in recent months is the issue of spring hunting. The government of Malta decided to open this year’s spring hunting for one week, much to the dismay of activists in favour of birds. The government has announced that it will be discussing this issue extensively with the EU in the coming months before deciding whether to open the season for a lengthier period next year, as the hunter’s association have been consistently requesting.