EU-25 Watch No.1


Topics discussed in EU-25 Watch, No. 1 / December 2004

·    The Treaty on a Constitution for Europe (TCE) and probable hurdles to its ratification in member states;
·    The elections to the European Parliament in June 2004;
·    The continuation of the enlargement process;
·    The European neighbourhood Policy; The Agenda 2007, ie. the financial perspective 2007-2013 and the reform of policies;
·    An outlook on the future agenda of the EU and new dynamics in the EU-25.

This survey was conducted on the basis of a questionnaire, sent out in summer 2004. Most institutes replied until the end of October 2004.

T.E.P.S.A. and other partner institutes in the 25 EU member states of the European Union conduct this regular stock-taking in order to monitor the main features and problems of deepening and widening the enlarged EU.