EU-27 revisited

Comparative paper – May 2009

EU-27 revisited: discourses and debates on European integration after the convention and big bang enlargement.

Summarising major trends of eight EU-27 Watch issues.

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In this comparative paper, which is based on the rich material of the eight issues of EU-27 Watch, Tanja Leppik-Bork and Julian Plottka summarise the main events regarding deepening and widening during the last five years of European integration and complement them with insights into the respective national debates as represented in the EU-27 Watch issues, while Barbara Lippert presents six observations on deepening and widening based on the debates collected in the eight EU-27 Watch issues.

Table of Contents

Preface: EU-27 Watch

1. Deepening and widening of the European Union: developments and national debates between 2004 and 2008
Tanja Leppik-Bork and Julian Plottka

1.1. Deepening: the process of constitutionalisation
1.2. Widening: the process of enlargement and the development
of a Europea Neighbourhood Policy
1.3. Policy-making: business as usual

2. Six observations on deepening and widening of the European Union from the EU-27 Watch
Barbara Lippert

3. Chronology: major stages from January 2004 until May 2009

We hope to provide an incentive to read and use the issues of EU-27 Watch for research and wish an inspiring reading.

The Institute for European Politics (IEP) in Berlin coordinates and edits EU-27 Watch. The IEP is grateful to the Otto Wolff-Foundation, Cologne, for supporting the IEP's research activities in the field of "Enlargement and neighbourhood policy of the EU" and thus for contributing to this project. Contact persons at the IEP are undefinedDr. des. Katrin Böttger and undefinedJulian Plottka.