Concerns over recent gas crisis

Netherlands Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’
There is one issue not yet mentioned in the specific sections above that has been discussed quite prominently in recent months in relation to the European Union. This is the EU role regarding the gas conflict between Ukraine and Russia. With regard to this dispute, the observers sent by the EU and the effects for EU member states, like Bulgaria and Hungary, were most often referred to.[1] Although the Netherlands was not directly affected, it promised its European partners to increase its gas production by 10 percent (if proven possible technically).[2] It also offered technical expertise on how to measure gas transits. For the future, the Netherlands considers it important to improve the security of supply position of the European Union. It considers the first responsibility with regard to security of supply lies with the member states, which have to be smart with regard to keeping energy stocks, diversifying sources, and so on.

[1] Trouw: EU kan niet om gasconflict heen (EU cannot ignore gas conflict), 7 January 2009; NRC Handelsblad: EU worstelt met zijn rol in gascrisis, 8 January 2009.

[2] Maria J.A. van der Hoeven (Minister for Economic Affairs): Verslag extra Energieraad 12 januari 2009 gasconflict Oekraïne-Rusland (report of the extra Energy Council meeting on the Ukraine-Russia gas conflict), 23 January.