The first Western minister to visit Tbilisi

Danish Institute for International Studies
The Danish Foreign Minister, Per Stig Møller, has on several occasions paid tribute to the French Presidency for its handling of the conflict in Georgia and its ability to disseminate between the two sides and put a hold to the fighting. Per Stig Møller believes that the French Presidency have secured a strong and cohesive EU.[1]
The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been very active in the conflict of the Georgian breakaway provinces. In the beginning of July, Per Stig Møller, was the first Western minister to visit Tbilisi and the leaders in the province Abkhazia.[2] Denmark was sceptical about the EU resuming negotiations with Russia on a new economic and political partnership agreement after the Russian withdrawal in Georgia. Per Stig Møller did not consider the peace agreement to be complied with by Russia but, however, agreed to resume talks with Russia at the European Foreign Minister meeting on 10 November 2008.[3]
Danish media discussions tended to focus on the threat posed to Denmark via, for example, Russian commercial power in the energy sector.[4] The EU response to the crisis involved the deployment of an EU Monitoring Mission (EUMM) with 340 staff from 22 member states in Georgia in October 2008. Despite having an opt-out from EU security and defence policy, Denmark was able to participate in the EUM Georgia because it was an unarmed monitoring mission.

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