EU-28 Watch No. 10

Welcome to the tenth edition of the EU-28 Watch!

The first EU-Watch since Croatia's accession is focused mainly on current EU events and their affect on public opinion in the EU member states. The recent European Parliament elections in May 2014 saw roughly half of the elected Members of European Parliament lose their seats. Along with the rise of euroscepticism and eurocriticism the events in Ukraine have both affected the public view of the EU and its policies. The EU-28 Watch project covers these and more issue in European politics. Research institutes from across Europe, including the candidate countries, give insight into public discourse in their respective countries.


List by Country



Comparative Analyses

On the basis of all EU-28 Watch country reports, researchers from the IEP have written comparative analyses for each question bloc. The comparative papers point out significant commonalities and differences across participating countries and provide brief thematic outlooks.


The EU and it's neighborhood: a 'ring of friends'

Europe's path out of crisis: amidst powers shifts and divisions

Rising Europscepticism and the dominance of national interests